Executive Council

Braden Mohr

President, Braden Mohr

Hello, My Name is Braden Mohr and I am from Abraham Lincoln High School. I am a Senior in High School and have taken various health science classes for the past three years. The one thing that has really pulled me into focusing on health science is the idea that I will be helping people, and making connections with them that could potentially save their lives. My favorite thing to do is to hang out with my friends and my family, and sit down and have nice conversations about where I see my life going and where other people see their life going. The main thing that I am looking forward to doing as Iowa HOSA’s state president is making connections with my peer and creating a memorable year for all the upcoming and current members. 

Ondrea Li

Ondrea Li, left, stands next to sister and former Iowa HOSA Executive Council member, Rachel Li, right.
Ondrea Li, left, stands next to sister and former Iowa HOSA Executive Council member, Rachel Li, right.

Hello! My name is Ondrea Li and I am your 2020-2021 Secretary. I will be a Senior at Valley High School in West Des Moines and this will be my third year in Iowa HOSA! In addition to HOSA, other ancillaries that I am involved in include, Debate, Orchestra, NCYL, Chemistry Club, Friends Without Borders, and an internship at a Monsoon Iowa. I am especially passionate when it comes to helping people in terms of healthcare and mental health. I am so excited to be part of an organization that gives students the opportunity to grow their talent and interest in the health profession!!

Dorothy Junginger

My name is Dorothy Junginger and I am the Iowa HOSA Parliamentarian. I am currently a junior at Valley High School, and this is my third year participating in HOSA. I love the health sciences, and I look forward to entering the medical field by pursuing an MD/PhD pathway and helping people through medicine in every possible way. Currently, I do this through the Volunteen program at Iowa Lutheran Hospital. Another way I love to spend my time is to share the joy with patients and staff at hospitals through music, organizing groups, and performing with my viola at the Central Iowa VA Hospital and others. I also enjoy walking my dog, playing tennis, reading, and watching movies. I am really looking forward to meeting everyone in Iowa HOSA, helping plan super fun conferences, and helping Iowa HOSA raise even more money for the HOSA service project as a 2020-2021 officer!


Vice President of Marketing
Shandhan Sureshbabu

My name is Shandhan Sureshbabu. I am a junior at Valley High School. I have taken biology, chemistry, AP Biology, and am currently taking AP chemistry. I plan to take AP physics and organic chemistry next year. My favorite so far is AP biology, even though it was the hardest. What I like about the health sciences is that I have the knowledge to help people within myself, or at least I will when I become a neurosurgeon, which is my dream job. I look forward to meeting new people and making new friends as a State Officer, as well as putting together an awesome fall conference.


Vice President of Community Service
Karshana Kalyanaraman

My name is Karshana KalyanaramanSchool and I am a junior at Johnston High SchoolThis is my third year in Health Sciences and I like the ability to apply textbook knowledge to solve real-world issues. My favorite movie of all time is The Imitation Game (starring Benedict Cumberbatch). I love ice cream, specifically Cookies and Cream from The Outside Scoop. My favorite sports team is the Iowa Hawkeyes Football team. I look forward to increasing community service and putting on two great leadership conferences this year!!


Vice President of Fundraising
Youla Tricia Onayan

Hi! My name is Youla Tricia Onayan and I will be a junior at North High School in Sioux City, Iowa. This is my first year in Health Science. What I like about the Health Sciences is that I learn things that keep on amazing me and I can apply them in my daily life. My favorite thing to do is trying new things out! May it be a sport I’ve never played or watch a movie genre I’ve never tried.

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