Executive Council

2021-22 Executive Council Members


Youla Tricia Onayan

Determined to continue providing countless opportunities for HOSA members, Youla Tricia Onayan serves as your Iowa HOSA President. Youla is a senior at North High School in Sioux City. She finds passion in working behind the non-medical scene of the healthcare industry and hopes to improve the industry from that point of view. The moment Youla had found HOSA, she knew this was going to be her home for the next couple of years. With that, she aims to help members into feeling the inclusion and the sense of belonging she found within the organization. To Youla, being an officer is not just being a part of a team; it is working with a group of brilliant people with a common goal of helping one another grow as a person and at the same time, building a bright future for Iowa HOSA. Other than sleeping and thinking of new projects for Iowa HOSA, Youla can be found volunteering at her local community, Facetiming friends, and reading books. Youla hopes for a successful year for Iowa HOSA and looks forward to making connections with everyone!

Postsecondary Vice President

Braden Mohr

This is Braden Mohr, most of you may know him from being your president last year, but he is serving as your Post Secondary Vice President this year. Braden is a student at St. Ambrose University studying nursing with a minor in spanish. He plans to work with kids but is undecided in what capacity. Braden has looked into both pediatric life flight and a pediatric nurse anesthetist. In his free time he can be found studying for school, or working at the nursing home. Braden recently completed his Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) Degree and plans to begin working as a nurse soon. Braden looks forward to serving members of Iowa HOSA again this year, and can’t wait to meet all of you!

Vice President of Community Service

Tatum McTavish

Here to serve you is Tatum McTavish, Iowa HOSA’s 2021-2022 Vice President of Community Service. Running into her third year in HOSA and senior year at Valley High School in West Des Moines, she hopes to expand her chapter throughout her school, the state, and HOSA’s outreach within the communities around our chapters. She hopes to build awareness of medical problems and mental health issues surrounding both patients and health professionals, as well as to have Iowa HOSA leave a positive impact on Iowa communities. In her free time, Tatum enjoys playing tennis, riding her bike, going on road trips, trying new things, and searching for new experiences. In the future, Tatum looks toward medical school in anticipation of becoming a surgeon. But, until then, she dedicates her time toward HOSA and working with her fellow officers in order to ensure a fun and successful year in Iowa HOSA. 

Vice President of Marketing

Alyssa Makena

Driven in her passion to secure a better future for all, Alyssa Makena holds the work done by Iowa HOSA-Future Health Professionals close to her heart. She is honored to serve as the Vice President of Marketing for Iowa HOSA – Future Health Professionals. As a rising senior at Valley High School, she hopes to build membership in her chapter and as well as statewide. She believes in community engagement and intersectional education as key in the project to understand the state of medicine today and to build upon it. A Kenyan-born native, Alyssa aims to improve conditions both in Iowa and East Africa as it concerns the field of medicine. Through independent projects and activities concerning Medical Racism and Sexual Health Education, she works endlessly to always put her community first. She aspires to work with Doctors Without Borders and start a free clinic. Accessibility to healthcare spaces continues to be the focus of her involvement inspiring her involvement in Iowa HOSA. She wants to help future members of Iowa HOSA Unlock their Potential through her service in the coming year. She is looking forward to working with her Executive Council team to guarantee a successful year for Iowa HOSA. Outside of HOSA, Alyssa loves reading, playing sports, and spending time with her friends and family. Alyssa has high hopes for what the year ahead holds and cannot wait to expand her Iowa HOSA family! 

Vice President of Fundraising

Shrey Kapoor

Ready to take advantage of every opportunity to help others to succeed, Shrey Kapoor is prepared to work hard on Iowa HOSA’s Executive Council as the new Vice President of Fundraising. Shrey being an incoming senior at Linn-Mar High School is excited to see what more he has to learn about the health sciences. For higher education, Shrey dreams of pursuing medicine and one day providing knowledge to find the cures to neurological diseases. In his free time, you can find Shrey on the tennis courts, on the golf course, or studying hard in his room. He has experience as a leader in his high school as well as a variety of community service activities like volunteering for local businesses. For HOSA, Shrey wants to not only increase membership but also add more chapters to Iowa. Along with this, Shrey plans on providing a fun learning environment at all conferences of the 2021-2022 school year. Shrey believes that hard work towards a common goal is the first step to success and he hopes to lead you into the future in order to enhance healthcare.


Kenny Lam

As a senior at Sioux City West High School, Kenny Lam is honored to serve as the 2021-2022 Iowa HOSA Secretary. Kenny has participated in HOSA for almost 3 years now, and competed virtually at ILC the past 2 summers. Student Council, National Honors Society, Quiz Bowl, Tennis, Freshman Mentoring, and Buddhist Youth Association are among his other involvements. In his free time, Kenny enjoys eating sushi, binging Netflix, and hanging out with friends. Kenny values representation and diversity as a first-generation student whose parents immigrated from Vietnam. He is particularly interested in exploring the intersectionality between healthcare and social issues, and thus aspires to study both medicine and political science in college. Moreover, as secretary, Kenny imperatively wants to help others unlock their potential through HOSA’s vast network of fellow students and medical professionals. With the outstanding officer team, Kenny hopes that Iowa HOSA can increase membership this year and host insightful leadership conferences in the fall and spring. 


Nick Reuben

Nick Reuben will be a senior at Linn-Mar High School this upcoming school year, and he is serving as the Parliamentarian on the 2021-2022 Iowa HOSA Executive Council. Nick has been involved with HOSA for two years – he first joined HOSA during his freshman year of high school but his chapter advisor was unable to continue sponsoring Linn-Mar HOSA, so during the summer of 2020 Nick worked with a group of like-minded students to reestablish Linn-Mar HOSA, of which he currently serves as the Vice-President. Nick’s experience with HOSA also supports his future goals, in that he aspires to study neurology or work with patients to diagnose and treat neurological disorders. Nick’s interest in the field of health sciences is mostly driven by his passion for STEM-related activities and volunteerism. Outside of HOSA, he serves the American Red Cross as a youth engagement leader, and as a volunteer at blood drives and within the Red Cross Club at Linn-Mar High School. Additionally, Nick plays tennis recreationally in the summer, and he loves to play and study music as a cellist and as a trumpet player. This year, Nick is most looking forward to serving as a delegate for the secondary division from Iowa HOSA at the ILC, and he is also excited to collaborate more with chapters throughout Iowa!


Janet Weng

Janet Weng is going to be a senior at Linn-Mar High School this fall. She will be serving as your Historian/Reporter for the 2021-22 year. In the future, Janet hopes to major in biochemistry to learn the molecular life sciences behind medical transformation, and her long term goals are pursuing an MD/PhD program and completing residency in dermatology or oncology. She fell in love with the health sciences ever since she was young because of its use of scientific research and technology to drive biomedical innovation for treatments and diagnosis. The knowledge she gains from HOSA will benefit her long term as she remembers the techniques, skills, and methods learned from being a member and a state officer. As president of the Linn-Mar HOSA chapter, Janet has learned communication, collaboration, and the concepts of quality healthcare management. Her passion for healthcare has only been driven by being a member of HOSA with participating in leadership conferences, planning out fundraisers within the community, and building more interactions between chapters to create a more united HOSA. Outside of HOSA, she serves as treasurer of her school’s Red Cross Club, and she’s actively involved in orchestra, NHS, and volunteering at her local hospital. Her favorite thing about HOSA are the conferences where she gets to meet so many people across Iowa and the nation pursuing a similar path as she does. She is so excited to be able to plan such events with her co-officers and learn more about what goes on behind the scenes when planning the Iowa HOSA newsletter, leadership conferences, Healthcare Frontline Series, and many more.

Past Executive Councils

2020-21 Executive Council Members

Braden MohrPresidentCouncil Bluffs
Ondrea LiSecretaryValley High School
Dorothy JungingerParliamentarianValley High School
Shandhan SureshbabuVice President of MarketingValley High School
Karshana KalyanaramanVice President of Community ServiceJohnston High School
Youla Tricia OnayanVice President of FundraisingSioux City